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Our proprietary, scientifically-based membership, our exclusive library content, and our coaching team help you achieve your health goals and help you create and sustain long-term health changes in your life.

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Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease

A comprehensive and intense holistic approach focuses on identifying practical methods for optimizing nutrition, increasing physical activity, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, overcoming destructive habits, and developing a growth mindset to target the root causes of symptoms and diseases. 


Peer Support and Group Wisdom

In a nurturing environment, sharing our experiences and advice strengthens community ties, making individuals feel valued and motivated. Embracing our shared challenges and journeys fosters mutual understanding and respect. Through camaraderie and unity, we can overcome obstacles and celebrate collective successes.


Tips & Tricks

Whether it’s efficient meal prep, creating a sleep hygiene routine, or learning the latest fitness approaches, these valuable suggestions and insights will help you with your progression, motivation, and ongoing inspiration. Learn what mindsets and habits prevent you from living the life you want by identifying which ones you need to change.


Pantry Sessions

Transforming your pantry is a pivotal step towards sustaining long-term health transformations, and our expert-led sessions guide you every step of the way. They bring a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and dietary needs, ensuring that your pantry overhaul is health-focused and practical. Recognizing that every individual has unique tastes and nutritional requirements, our sessions are customised. You won’t just get generic advice; you’ll receive guidance tailored to you. We look at your overall diet beyond just what’s in your pantry. By understanding your preferences, habits, and goals, we craft dietary plans that are both delicious and nourishing.


Grocery Shopping

You must know how to find high-quality foods within your budget to live a healthy life. You must understand the marketing claims on food packaging and labels to know what pitfalls to avoid. We will help you make sense of nutritional labels and identify wholesome foods based on your dietary needs. With our expertise in Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine coaching, we combine the best of both worlds so that you can optimize your favorite foods and improve your nutrition at the same time.


Exclusive Seminars & Content

Access exclusive expert insights at our seminars and conferences, led by well-known local and national experts with years of experience eradicating diseases through lifestyle interventions. In addition, you also retain all the content from the curriculum, library, and coaching sessions that have taken place. 


Your membership reflects your unique needs

By joining this membership, you will have the opportunity to prevent or reverse lifestyle-induced chronic diseases such as the following:

You want a science-based approach to your health

You need an efficient and effective way to target vital areas

To ensure your learning journey is comprehensive and enriching, we’ve dedicated an extensive suite of resources tailored to your needs. Our meticulously curated curriculum is complemented by a vast library, offering a wealth of knowledge and tools at your fingertips. This collection is designed to aid your current studies and serve as a reference for lifelong learning.

Additionally, our private Facebook group is a vibrant community of like-minded learners where you can engage in discussions, seek advice, or share your progress and milestones. Our YouTube channel provides a visual and interactive learning experience. Here, videos break down complex topics, offer tutorials, and present real-life applications. These platforms and resources are tools and part of an extended support system that facilitates and enhances your educational journey.


Embarking on a health journey requires a comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs. Our personalized training protocols ensure every aspect of your physical development is covered. Accompanied by detailed written guides and illustrative video content, we cater to your fitness journey’s nuances. Dive deep into cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises that enhance your heart health and stamina. Explore strength and balance routines to improve muscle tone, core stability, and posture. Immerse yourself in flexibility exercises crucial for preventing injuries and improving muscle elasticity. And finally, embrace mobility training, enhancing your range of motion and ensuring ease in daily movements. Together, these elements provide a holistic framework, paving the way for a vibrant, healthy, and active life.


Navigating life’s demands can often feel like relentless juggling, leaving you stretched and overwhelmed. However, you can better manage external pressures by adopting assertive communication and setting clear boundaries. Learning to prioritize effectively further reduces the weight of competing responsibilities. Most importantly, you empower yourself to overcome stressors and barriers by addressing and altering deep-seated mental habits. As these skills become second nature, stress significantly diminishes, allowing for a more transparent and focused approach to life’s challenges.


Toxic habits can often prevent peak health. Our approach is designed to help you identify these detrimental patterns and understand their underlying triggers. Armed with this knowledge, we equip you with practical strategies, actionable tips and proven processes to break harmful or toxic habits and replace them with constructive patterns. By instilling these new routines, you’ll be better positioned to live vibrantly, ensuring every day is a step towards optimal health and well-being.


Interactions shape our mindset and influence our trajectory. There are individuals whose presence feels like a burst of positive energy, inspiring and uplifting you. Engaging with such supportive and motivating individuals naturally propels you toward your goals. On the other hand, being entangled in unsupportive or toxic relationships saps your energy and impedes your progress. Such relationships can cloud your vision, hinder your momentum, and deter you from achieving your health aspirations and broader life goals. Recognizing and adjusting the balance of these influences is paramount to maintaining a positive and productive path.


The environment is not just people around us. It’s also the toxicities that are constantly influencing us throughout the day and night. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate these influences, we can reduce their impact on our lives.


Our Culinary Medicine protocols recognize food’s therapeutic power, using it as a potent tool against various ailments. By giving you exclusive access to these specialized guidelines, we provide a roadmap to health through nutrition. Each protocol is tailored to your unique health objectives, ensuring every meal choice aligns with your well-being goals. But it’s not just about health; it’s about savoring the experience. With our guidance, you’ll focus on top-quality ingredients and learn to craft them into nutritious and delicious meals. This ensures that every bite is a blend of wellness and culinary delight.


High-quality sleep is fundamental to overall well-being, and our mission is to guide you in crafting the appropriate sleep protocol tailored to your unique needs. We delve deep, helping you curate a serene and conducive sleeping environment devoid of distractions. We offer holistic techniques for those wrestling with insomnia that sidestep medication, presenting natural methods to encourage rest. Furthermore, we educate you on the power of diet in sleep quality, showing you how certain foods and beverages can hinder or enhance night time rest. With our specialized guidance, your sleep patterns will improve, and you’ll also wake up feeling more rejuvenated and ready to face the day.


Our mindset is a tapestry woven from beliefs and ideas passed down through family, cultural norms, and close associations. While many of these ingrained thoughts can be benign or beneficial, some might unknowingly hinder our growth or cloud our true desires. It’s essential to discern which of these patterns propel us toward our aspirations and which act as roadblocks. By understanding and evaluating these thoughts, you can embrace those that align with your vision and shed those that don’t. After all, bridging the gap between your present and your desired future requires clarity on the mental narratives that shape your journey.


Health and vocation are intrinsically linked, as the nature and conditions of one’s work can significantly impact the development and progression of many chronic diseases. Maintaining optimal health bolsters concentration and sharpens cognitive functions, allowing precise attention to detail and informed decision-making.

Cardiometabolic & Obesity

Cardiometabolic diseases and obesity can pose significant challenges to your daily life and overall happiness. However, the journey towards regaining control and embracing a healthier, more fulfilling life begins with taking proactive steps. We are here to support you every step of the way on this transformative journey to help you achieve your best life.

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Meet the Founder of Vitality Medical and Wellness Consulting 


Dr. Loden is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician specializing in Lifestyle Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She believes that medications are not the only way to help men and women living with chronic diseases. She is an advocate for not only preventing chronic diseases but also for reversing them. Her career includes training at prestigious institutions like the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the Weill Cornell Medical Center, Washington University’s Olin Business School, and Duke Medical Center for Integrative Health and Wellness. She joined the faculty at Washington University Medical Center for five years before leaving to pursue her medical passion in private practice.

She has a long-standing interest in identifying women at increased risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and early death due to their reproductive, obstetric, and menopausal histories. She is a board-certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach. She works with men and women to change their mindsets, habits, and behaviors to create sustainable health and life changes. 


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