A Concierge Approach to Weight Management

Wellness and Weight Loss Membership

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If you’ve been wrestling with weight loss and struggling to make forward, consistent progress, our comprehensive weight-loss program offers a proven path to lasting wellness. 


Here are a few highlights of some of the benefits you will gain as part of this membership:

We have tested our approach and see regular reductions in weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose and insulin levels, and cholesterol metabolism within 90 days. Many individuals see improvements as early as 30 days.  


We are dedicated to your success and can guarantee results from our approach, or we will refund your membership fee. 

Your transformative journey begins today with our Concierge Wellness and Weight Loss Membership.  Join us and discover the key to lasting well-being.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Weight Loss and Wellness

Concierge Weight Management for Sustained Results

This is an intensive medically supervised weight loss membership. 

Anyone can lose weight in the short term. We teach you how to sustain the weight you lose. 

You will  connect with a member of our team each week for 12 months in the first year. 

Current members report weight loss, improvements in lab values, lower blood pressure, improved sleep and better mood. 

They also report higher energy, better relationships, and increased productivity at work.

Concierge style care is provided in both memberships. 

The primary care membership focuses on giving our patients prompt accessibility for acute issues, easy access to health services, longer visit durations, and personalized care. Patients are seen 2-4 times annually depending on their medical needs. 

In the weight loss membership, our team is working with you on a weekly basis to help you lose weight and also set you up for long term success in sustaining that weight. 

We limit the number of patients in both memberships in order to provide concierge services to our clients. 

We do offer medication when medically indicated. Medications we prescribe include Contrave, Saxenda, Wegovy and Zepbound. 
People who only use medication to lose weight will either take the medication forever or gain back the weight when they stop treatment. 
We have a better way.
We use scientifically proven methods to support behavior change and create new habits. 

Both the weight loss membership and the coaching subscriptions include lifetime access to our proprietary SLIM curriculum, the weekly Mindset Matters recordings and all the articles Dr. Loden Tiffany writes. 

For those individuals who want to do it alone, we do offer the option to work only with our health coaches instead of the entire team.  

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NOTE: Coaching sessions are included in the weight loss membership and do not need to be purchased separately. 

If you just want a quick fix, there are many options in the market for you, and we are not your best option.
If you want to have a complete transformation of your life, improve your energy, relationships and career, have better labs and avoid or stop medications, we can help you.
Concierge Primary Care Membership
Health & Wellness Coaching
Evidence-based programs

Designed to efficiently address key areas

Our SLIM curriculum and digital library cover all the essential topics.

Note: access to these materials does NOT provide clinical care; they are for education purposes only

Personalized training suggestions and video content that is going to improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength for a healthy lifestyle.


We will lower your stress levels by adjusting your nutrition and teaching you deep breathing techniques.


Practical guides and tips that will enforce healthy habits so that you can keep living your life to the fullest.


Learn how to manage your relationships around you and how toxic relationships can have an impact on diseases.


The environment is not just people around us. It’s also the toxicities that are constantly influencing us throughout the day and night. 


We revamp your kitchen and provide insights on quality ingredients based on your tastes, lifestyle, and health goals.


Customized advice that helps you with quality sleep, bedtime routines, appropriate colors in your bedroom, correct nutrition, and more.


By changing your lifestyle, such as nutrition, habits, sleep, etc. you will experience a major shift in your thinking.


Find a deeper and more fulfilling meaning in your profession and mission to live a life without any regrets.

Cardiometabolic & Obesity

We are here to support you every step of the way on this transformative journey to help you achieve your best life.

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Learn how the membership can help you


Your body is a lifelong companion, and nurturing it should be a top priority. Recognizing the importance of fitness and providing consistent care can be the difference between living a life full of vitality and facing challenges in daily routines. Once physical fitness declines, regaining it becomes strenuous. One primary concern for adults is the onset of frailty, which can lead to a loss of independence. With this understanding, here are the facets we emphasize through our membership’s personalized training protocol:


You learn to use food as medicine under our culinary medicine experts’ direct teaching and coaching. You will have coaching and protocols to support you in all nutrition areas. A few ways this occurs are through the following:


You have many competing demands; this constant stress at work and home sometimes results in unhealthy habits and behaviors. It is imperative to have a plan in place to avoid these triggering or inducing chronic diseases. You will learn practical ways to decrease stress levels for a healthier lifestyle.


Sleep deprivation isn’t just about feeling tired. It’s a leading contributor to many long-term diseases and can drastically shorten lifespan. Prioritizing sleep is critical to overall health and well-being. Your investment in health includes optimizing your sleep habits, patterns, and any opportunities to improve. 


You want healthy habits, but it’s so much easier not to think about them. Habits are ingrained behaviors. They are learned processes. This means it takes effort, but they are reversible. You can unlearn a bad habit and retrain your brain on a better way forward. 

By recognizing these facets of habit formation and management, you are better equipped to navigate the path to a healthier lifestyle.


A strong and positive mindset can accomplish anything. And we will help you forge this unshakable mindset to reach your goals.


Relationships are part of everyone’s lives. We’ll help you navigate your relationships to complement your goals and lifestyle. 


Health and vocation are intrinsically linked, as the nature and conditions of one’s work can significantly impact the development and progression of many chronic diseases, emphasizing the vital role occupational environments play in overall well-being.


The environment is not just people around us. It’s also the toxicities that are constantly influencing us throughout the day and night. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate these influences, we can reduce their impact on our lives.

Cardiometabolic & Obesity

Cardiometabolic diseases and obesity can pose significant challenges to your daily life and overall happiness. However, the journey towards regaining control and embracing a healthier, more fulfilling life begins with taking proactive steps. We are here to support you every step of the way on this transformative journey to help you achieve your best life.


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