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A Concierge Approach to Primary Care

Primary Care Membership

Discover A Healthcare Experience Like No Other

Your journey to vitality begins here with our exclusive Concierge Primary Care Membership at Vitality Medical and Wellness Consulting.


We are committed to reshaping the healthcare landscape and dedicated to providing an extraordinary healthcare experience that transcends convention.


Our philosophy extends beyond treating symptoms.


We're dedicated to addressing root causes.

Our vision is clear: everyone deserves the opportunity to reverse disease and regain control of their health. Our team collaborates with each individual, safely guiding them toward a medication-free life, especially for lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Our focus is on proactivity.

We believe in identifying and addressing potential health issues before they escalate into serious concerns. Our arsenal includes advanced cardiovascular and metabolic testing, the latest weight loss medications, and science-backed recommendations for sustainable lifestyle changes.


We pride ourselves on our deliberate and thoughtful approach to care. We limit the number of clients we serve to ensure each individual receives personalized attention and support. It’s about focusing on your well-being and tailoring our services to your needs.

Focus is on proactivity
Unique Benefits of Primary Care Membership

Unique Benefits

Our extended appointment times allow you to discuss your health concerns with our experts. No rushed visits here – we’re dedicated to addressing your questions and needs. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with easy access to medical care whenever needed.

If you are traveling out of town, the weather is terrible, or you can’t come into the office, we offer televisits to address your concerns. We’ve been offering virtual care since 2018 and are a leader in innovative service.

We partner with board-certified specialists nationwide to get you answers much faster than you may have experienced – our clients often have a response within 24 hours. We invite you to join us in this transformative healthcare experience. With this membership, you’re no longer a number on the assembly line of traditional care models. You’re a partner on a journey towards lasting well-being.

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